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About Us

We feature fine hand-knit alpaca sweaters and accessories.


      The ALPACA HUT OF MOULTONBORO was established in 1993, and is based in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. ALPACA HUT is synonymous with excellent quality and superb design.

      The alpaca is indigenous to the Andes Mountains and its wool is extremely soft, resilient, and has little or no pilling. The texture of high quality alpaca is luxurious and the coloring is incredible.

      Every alpaca article is made from 100% alpaca that has been sheared by hand and then washed and hand-spun according to traditional Bolivian custom. The garment is then hand-knit or hand-loomed by native Campesino women who live high in the Andes Mountains. The wool used is either the natural color of the alpaca animal that it came from, or hand-dyed. After the knitting has been completed, each garment is then washed by hand to insure that it is colorfast. Some of our items are also available in cotton.

      Because ALPACA HUT clothing is knit by hand, no two items are exactly alike. We hope that you will enjoy the uniqueness of these fine hand-crafted garments.

      Specialties available from the ALPACA HUT are sweaters, the product for which we are most famous, and accessories such as vests, scarves, shawls, gloves, hats, knapsacks, belt bags, and socks.


Alpaca Hut of Moultonboro
PO Box 471
Moultonboro, NH 03254

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